Halo Wars 2 Update and New Spearbreaker DLC Releasing Today

More fixes than fiery explosions in today’s patch

Halo Wars 2 players will undoubtedly be hit with a massive 10GB patch when trying to play today. No, Windows 10 Store didn’t go haywire and download the entire game again, it’s actually downloading and installing a massive patch. While part of this download is tied to the Spearbreaker DLC releasing today, there are quite a number of additional changes and fixed being implemented. Microsoft and Creative Assembly have posted the full patch details here. ¬†Suffice it say there are a number of updates and changes PC players have been clamoring for since the game’s release. Including a fix to the radial menu, multi-gpu support, and smoother screen scrolling.

There also comes with it a number of balance changes, and unit behavior changes that will make significant changes in multiplayer combat. For example Spartans no longer damage the units they are trying to hijack, and Hunter’s upgraded beam weapon does splash damage all the time now. Those with season passes, or purchasing the new Spearbreaker DLC will be treated to two new commander options for multiplayer, as well as two entirely new campaign missions. From what we have seen of the patch today, these multiple minute changes does provide a smoother overall effect on gameplay. Units you’d expect to counter mass vehicles, do so, and air units no longer wander aimlessly chasing a scout unit into an ambush on their own.

Halo Wars 2 content does not stop there, as Microsoft has recently promised an entire expansion set titled Awakening the Nightmare for this autumn. This new expansion campaign has players take the control of the ruthless Covenant faction known as the Banished as they pursue a head on conflict with the galactic menace, The Flood. More on this expansion in the near future.

Halo Wars 2 is a real time strategy game, released early this year to both Windows 10 and Xbox One consoles exclusively. Halo Wars gained a cult following from both series fans as well as RTS fans for it’s simplistic control design and emphasis on mixed army strategies. While the game is highly praised on Microsoft’s console, but it has garnered mixed reactions from PC gamers. Being one of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere titles, means gamers can play the game on either system, hoping between the two as they like with cloud saved progress moving between the systems.