GOG Announces Bethesda Holiday Sale Along with Free Copy of Bio Menace

Apparently GoG is not going to throw the gauntlet down and face-off with Steam over who can have the best holiday game sale. I, for one, would be all about a conflict of this sort erupting right before Christmas and I think that all pc gamers and their wallets would start out 2016 as winners if it were to happen.

However, GoG is offering a sale on Bethesda games of “up to 75% off.” The newest game on the list is Morrowind GOTY, but there are also a number of  classic Id games. I would encourage prospective purchasers to wait until after Steam’s sale starts tomorrow before they make any decisions.

One choice that you should make without hesitation is to grab your free copy of Bio Menace! Bio Menace is an old-school Apogee 2d shooter. The main character sports a mullet, the incredibly referential name of SNAKE LOGAN. Bio Menace was published in 1993 but it’s obvious that Apogee was channeling some serious love for Kurt Russel’s Snake Plisken, Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo and whatever other 80s cinema action stereotypes they could fit into a game the originally shipped on floppy disk. And did I mention that you also fight monsters? Because you fight monsters. Registered GoG users can add Bio Menace to there account for free, new users juts need to make an account to get their free copy.