Gigantic Gamescom Update: Closed Beta Announced


Motiga Games has announced an official date for their upcoming MOBA Gigantic at Gamescom. The game will transition from closed Alpha to closed Beta on August 28th. In a recent interview with GoneWithTheWin, Motiga mentioned that during the Beta, more information would be made available. Currently NDA agreements prevent alpha players to discuss the game in depth or publish opinions of the MOBA online. With the commencement of the closed Beta, a couple of Twitch streamers for Motiga will begin showing full matches and gameplay strategies for the game.

Many fans of the game have asked if the game will feature skins or enhancements for their favorite characters. This was clarified today by Motiga Games as they released an image of two skins that will be made available for one of their current characters.

We are following Gigantic news closely, as the game is attempting to bring some interesting new features to the realm of MOBA gaming. For starters, it is listed as a Windows 10 only game. One account will work on either Xbox One or Windows 10 games. We do not have any specific information yet as to how far the social aspects of this game will go between these two platforms. We are also unsure if this game engine will be the first to utilize DirectX 12 or not, thus the Windows 10 only requirement. Gigantic is dubbed by some expert MOBA players as “MOBA lite” for its emphasis on special moves and positioning versus item building and minion management. Gigantic’s full release was planned for sometime by the end of this year.