Gearbox’s Next Project Is An FPS Hybrid

In the future, humans will make fancy giant futuristic cities. But will have forgotten the vital technology behind railings. Millions will plummet to their death. Yay!

Gearbox’s next upcoming title is a FPS shooter hybrid called Project 1v1. Unlike Battleborn, which had constant updates and press information leading up their beta periods, this title came out of no where. In fact, GWTW staff members did a double take when we saw our emailed invitation to sign up for the closed technical test. Contained within the email was a link to the new game page. As mentioned, everything has a secretive feel to it, almost as if Solid Snake and Agent 47 are the project leads for this title. As an example, Project 1v1 is not even this game’s real title, it is a code name (it says so in giant letters on the website). ¬†Gearbox is also keen to point out that this all very top secret. What isn’t a secret, is that our interest is piqued.

This title follows the fantastic Borderlands series which has a large following of fans, and the well received shooter MOBA Battleborn. Unfortunately, Battleborn hit a decline in player base following the release of Blizzard’s Overwatch. So it was a surprise to see that their next IP is in fact another arena based shooter, mixed with a card game strategy system perhaps akin to Paladins and Paragon. The interesting tidbit of information however, and what may separate Project 1v1 from similar titles, is that their approach appears to be focused on taking down other players on a more personal level. Battles will take place in ranked modes, unranked with friends, and taking down the current “arena champion” to progress further. We speculate it will eliminate the “my team sucks balls” excuse from the mouths of shooter fans. As per the description, the focus will be your strategic wits and your reflexes versus another players; and that’s all.

How this all plays out is still unclear (the FAQ section is still listed as coming soon), but we will provide more information as we know it. Gearbox will be handling closed technical tests with its servers in North America, those that were selected to test the game received their emails late yesterday. Gearbox Software is looking for considerable feedback from players, hoping to shape their next title into something special.