Free Download For Over 700 Roguelikes

Reddit mod (r/Games) and user “foamed” has performed an admirable public service with the recent posting of a massive collection of free roguelikes on r/roguelikes. The games are all free and legal, consisting of a mix of free, open source and demos. The vast majority of the titles are Windows executables, but there are a several older Mac titles mixed in. A complete list of the games can be found on pastebin. The files are part of a single torrent in a .rar. format, so there isn’t an option to download individual titles. At over 6 gigs, it’s a sizable download, but I can think of worse ways to use one’s bandwidth. The goal is to help keep these torrents alive, since some are quite old and not being publicly promoted or made available for download through other sources.

This is a permanent link to the .torrent file that is hosted directly on Gone With The Win. It seems “foamed” currently has the .torrent uploaded on several file-sharing sites; now it has a fourth location. I am personally downloading the collection now and plan to continue seeding in the future.

Credit: foamed (reddit) and Rock, Paper, Shotgun