Free Black Shadows Steam Key

Black Shadows has received 54 reviews, most of them negative, in the year and a half it has been for sale on Steam. It’s labelled as a survival horror game. $2.99 for a retail copy, or you can take a chance on it today for the low price of free. However, remember that sometimes you get what you pay for. Here are some snippets from Steam reviews:

“…the gameplay is about 15-20 minutes…”

“…So how bad is it? Well, actually, I’ve played worse. But I’ve also played much, much, MUCH better…”

“…Your average Kindle book requires more interaction than this…”

Okay, it’s difficult to find ringing endorsements. But it’s free! Take a look, leave a reply in the comments if you take a chance on Black Shadows and let us know what your thoughts were.