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Gone With The Win covers PC gaming. Our current staff have over 60 years combined in PC gaming. We’re looking to provide news, reviews, interviews, previews and share our own experiences with games and elements related to PC gaming, such as hardware, builds, peripherals, software and services.

We only cover PC games. There is no preference for size or budget of a title. The main criterion we have for covering a game or an aspect of a game is the personal interest we have in it. That being said, we do understand that many smaller developers and projects do not enjoy the same preference with most pc gaming sites, and we will take that into consideration, especially in the case of offering a preview or review.

Use this address to:

  1. Contact us directly for news or information about a game. We can’t guarantee coverage of any game in particular, but we read all correspondence and will follow up if there is an interest.
  2. If you have preview or review copies of a game you think we might be interested in covering. We will accept digital keys or direct downloads. If you have a list established for press and others to access the latest builds of your game for coverage purposes, feel free to add us.
  3. If you have a press mailing list, please use this address and add us to your list.

If you need to contact a writer for a specific purpose, such as you think they would have a specific interest in a game, news, interview or other concern, contact them directly:

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