First Look: Rising Thunder Technical Alpha

A different kind of fighter emerges
A different kind of fighter emerges

In our previous article we promised more details on Rising Thunder when the Alpha access was available. Now that it’s here, we’ve begun play testing this unique PC-only online fighter. Once downloaded the transition to online quick matching is quick and easy. Most matches started within 20-60 seconds tops so player availability for the Alpha has been fantastic. Our test machine is an I7-4770 with 16GB of RAM and a Nvidia 970 GTX video card. Running at 2560×1600 with all settings on max except FSAA I was able to sustain 55-60 FPS for normal play (I keep Vsync ON for most games).

The game runs silky smooth, and as you can see the art design is vibrant and very well done even at this early alpha stage. Gameplay can be hampered by latency issues as with any fighter so a high speed connection at this stage. Further optimizations will surely help smooth any command delays, and odd slowdowns. But when testing Alpha games, you know you’re going to run into hiccups and issues.

You are able to select from about 6 or so robot fighters. You can chose from about 6 fighters apparently representing different countries with accents and dialects that match. Characters have a loadout screen that allows you to make adjustments to their three special moves. Unlike other fighters, Rising Thunder borrows a page from most online PC MOBAs in it’s skill activation formula. While keyboard play is displayed as the primary control option we were easily able to map functions to the 360 controller. Each “special” move can be mapped to one button, no complicated directional swirl plus button mash to execute a special move. Each character also has an ultimate overdrive command that be executed when the right meters are full, this special move is also mapped to one button.

The trick becomes when to use these special moves in conjunction with standard maneuvers, blocking, fast or heavy punches and kicks. Like with MOBAs, you cannot spam moves over and over, you have to judge when the right opportunity presents itself- the use your move. A counter appears over your ability to show you when you can activate it again. This can range from 0.5 a second up to over 5 seconds depending on the character chosen and the skill type.

Rising Thunder is shaping up to be an interesting future title. The game engine already appears solid, and as stress testing continues we can only expect it to improve further. The game itself will be F2P and will probably feature cosmetic purchases when released. At GoneWithTheWin, we come from a strong MOBA background so this title has piqued our interest greatly. In the near future we will be featuring a fighter, move, and ability breakdown of Rising Thunder, probably closer to beta status. Take a look at some short clips of our playtime with the technical alpha release.