Fallout: New Vegas Mod Autumn Leaves Deserves Your Download

How was your playtime with Fallout 4? Were you looking forward to it as much as I was? Did you walk away from it after spending 20-30 hours felling let-down and disappointed? Did you get the feeling you were playing Fallout 3.5 and not a sequel that had been in the works for 7 years? And, most importantly, do you still feel that New Vegas was the strongest modern entry in the Fallout canon?

If you answered yes to any of theose questions, then you should head over to ModDB and take a look at Autumn Leaves, the newest heavy hitter in the New Vegas mod lineup. Unlike perennial faves like Project: Nevada or texture pack upgrades, Autumn Leaves is what ten years ago would have been labeled a “total conversion.” The creator is labeling it as a “Quest Mod,” so that works for me. In Autumn leaves you can expect:

  • 5 or more endings
  • 8 quests with multiple paths
  • Over ten hours of new gameplay
  • Over 2000 lines of narrated dialogue
  • over 25 new perks
  • Original soundtrack and music

The author, BaronVonChateau, has this to say

“So, what’s Autumn Leaves about? Autumn Leaves is a quest mod for New Vegas, where the Player discovers a forgotten – centuries-old – library in the Mojave. This library is inhabited by sentient machines who developed their own personalities, quirks and quandaries during their decades of seclusion. And during those decades of seclusion, something happened.”

Sounds intriguing, and honestly, more compelling than any chunk of Fallout 4 I played. If you have New Vegas and an urge to try something new and original, give Autumn Leaves a chance.