Endless Day – Free Heroes And New Content announced

Developer AMPLITUDE Studios is celebrating their five year anniversary from January 21-25, a period they are calling “Endless Day”. In addition to twitter giveaways, a special live stream, you can unlock free content in each of the following games Endless Legend, Dungeon of the Endless, and Endless Space. There will also be new Steam achievements to earn, so a great reason to return to these good games. The new content and DLC details are as follows:

Endless Legend

Start a new game in Endless Legend before during the event and you when you build your first city a new quest “Day of Awakening” will commence. Complete it to unlock Eslek Tarosh, the new hero.

A new expansion pack is on the way called the Shifters Expansion featuring new race, the Allayi. This new race ‘shifts’ during winters, with new quests, and new a new resource all coming soon.

Dungeon of the Endless

A new hero Esseb Tarosh will be available during the Endless Day anniversary event. Simply start a new game and he is available from the hero pool. Earning the Endless Day achievement however will prove to be a true challenge. Start and complete a game between January 21-25 to unlock this achievement with the archivist hero. If the archivist survives you earn the achievement (easier said than done!).

Endless Space

Endless Space also is featuring a new hero, Emlek Tarosh. Simply start a new campaign before January 25 to permanently unlock the new hero. Win a game in “Endless” difficulty setting that you started during the Endless Day event to earn the new Endless Day achievement.

There’s not much in terms of Endless Space 2 news, but AMPLITUDE has updated  their wikia page revealing a new faction the Sophons.