Earn Free Hearthstone Whispers of the Old Gods Card Packs

Hearthstone 2016-04-26 23-36-22-77
More Cards To Go “BOOOYAH” when you win with!

Today the long awaited Whispers of the Old Gods card packs have released for Hearthstone. These new packs also represent a divide in play-styles Blizzard refers to as “Wild” and “Standard”. Standard will now encompass the basic edition cards and any edition cards from the last two years only. While Wild format will include every Hearthstone card released. There are new murlocs, taunts, and the all powerful C’thun legendary card all players receive when they login.

That is not all they will receive, today’s quests involved a number of free packs. Seven total Whispers card packs for completing two of today’s Hearthstone quests. These new rules have mixed up the strategies involved. Surefire combos still work, but all new end game building cards have changed the dynamic for competitive matches.