Need Moar Zombies? Dying Light: The Following Adding LOTS of Content

This might be the DLC we've been waiting for!
This might be the DLC we’ve been waiting for!

Although it may have been forgotten by some, Dying Light was one of my favorite games of 2015. Yes, it was yet another zombie killing, blood and guts, brain bashing survival #groan horror game. The inclusion of RPG skill trees, degradable weaponry, parkour, online co-op, and a Be The Zombie mode ended up catapulting this game to a much higher level. This is a game still sitting on my backlog waiting to be completed, I’ve tried many times in earnest to reach the end but I ended up sidetracked with a co-op buddy blowing up zombies in the tunnels instead. Now I’m glad I waited before reaching the very end.

Developer Techland (Call of Juarez, Dead Island), isn’t done with their title yet, and judging from this week’s news they have been cooking up quite a treat for fans. If you haven’t taking the Dying Light plunge a full new edition is being released February 9, 2016. This is not an average GOTY release. While it includes all the DLC previously released, it will also contain a significant new content pack called “The Following”. Which will have gamers exploring the origins of the mysterious cult, and traversing areas just outside the city. These areas are far more difficult to survive in as these areas are lacking in buildings and shelter limiting your parkour abilities. To compensate gamers can customize and modify the all new buggy vehicle.

The skill tree is being expanded to near insane amounts. Once you reach the max limit from the original release, a new skill tree system opens up with 250 levels to which augment your skills. There are visual and graphical enhancements being added to this already impressive game engine. Gameplay improvements including new parkour moves, audio enhancements, new enemy attacks, and new human enemy AI behavior, will surely thrill veteran players looking for an excuse to head back into the city.

For owners of vanilla Dying Light, all of the game enhancements minus The Following DLC will be available for free on February 9. Season Pass holders will have access to The Following on the same day. Pricing for the Season Pass is currently $30.00 USD on Steam with The Following DLC estimated to retail for $20.00. With the inclusion of this new DLC content pack, the Season Pass for Dying Light is looking much more appealing.