Dwelvers Developer Returns After Long Hiatus

Rumors of Dwelvers demise have been greatly exaggerated!

Dwelvers is a real time strategy and dungeon management game that has been in Early Access for nearly three years now. If this seems like an excessive amount of time for a game, just keep in mind this is being developed by just one person: Rasmus Llunggren. Dwelvers caught my eye a few years ago for being a charming game with potential depth and complexity. Being in the same vein as the Overlord and Dungeon series games helps pique interest.

Game updates and news ran dry about a year ago, and that was disappointing. We are no strangers to a surprise and unexpected hiatus. Any number of issues can cripple a small operation in no time. The good news is that developer Rasmus is aware of the lengthy departure and is determined to do something about it. In his update today, Rasmus outlined his previous publisher as one hurdle preventing Dwelver’s progress. In an unexpected move, he announced that he had bought out publisher SMP. He hopes to ramp up his dedication to Dwelvers from 10-12 hours a week to full time (as he once was able to commit to).

Any news is good news, especially for the group of fans (count us in) hoping to see this great indie title come together in its entirety.

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