DOTA 2: Reborn Launched

The first of many Source 2 Games
The first of many Source 2 Games

DOTA 2 players were greeted this week with an important DOTA2 update. As previously reported, this major update propels standard DOTA 2 into the Source 2 engine. For those playing and testing the Reborn Beta you will immediately notice the BETA option no longer works. So what does the first Source 2 engine game bring to the table?


It all looks so different but the same, for now
It all looks so different but the same, for now

DOTA 2 Reborn is really an exact copy of DOTA 2, and that’s not a bad thing. DOTA 2 is one of the world’s most popular MOBAs right now, it wouldn’t be too beneficial to extensively change gameplay. Everything however does look sharper, and substantially smoother on my two modern PCs. I’ve tested DOTA 2 Reborn on an less beefy laptop and I was forced to turn down everything to get a smooth experience, but it was still smooth and playable (just not as pretty). There’s also the distinct possibility additional graphics features and fine tuning could be added down the line for more impressive looks.


Look Ma, look at all the pretty gwafix!
It’s still DOTA 2, but there’s “something” smoother about it, definitely thanks to Source 2.

Matchmaking during the BETA was absolutely awful. Now that the all users are moved to the new version, this has improved dramatically. Graphically in game, everything looks cleaner and more modern, as I mentioned, better CPUs seem to thrive on the source engine with distinct crispness and smooth moving graphics and effects.

Dota 2 9_10_2015 2_33_26 PM
Source 2 Engine does not make losing more fun, or look any better

Aside from the graphics and gameplay however, there are some differences long time players may rage over when logging in. Team matchmaking took a hit, as it is nowhere to be seen. Custom banners, and other team related information seems to be in purgatory. What does appear there benefits casual players, or at least keeps you going. There are a myriad of other little issues that many long time players will ask “Where is it?”. However the immediate issue hitting Valve appears to be critical multiplayer disconnection issues that I never saw during the BETA is now plaguing the live updated version. These issues, and all the missing features will surely be added, correct, and a high probability of seeing a balance patch (or two) in the near future. It is understandable the amount of time it took Valve into just getting this game to look and feel exactly right in a new engine. While this was no small undertaking, the efficiency of moving from Reborn Beta announcement to official release has been remarkable. We will be toying with the new game engine, and please look for our upcoming in depth look at all of the top MOBAs, as Zach and I will be debating the upsides and downsides for each of them in an upcoming feature.