DiCE Suspends ALL Microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront II

Consumer complaints regarding Star Wars: Battlefront II’s microtransaction system hit boiling point with the game’s official release today. Amidst the turmoil, DiCE general manager Oskar Gabrielson released a statement on Twitter announcing the suspension of the “Crystal” transaction system.

Critic reviews and gamer posts have been severely critical of the game’s enormous grind. The time required to earn Star Cards was exponentially increased compared to 2015’s Battlefront. Earlier Twitter responses from DiCE and EA suggested they would be adjusting the game’s economy system but in light of the harsh backlash, the decision to remove it entirely (for now) seemed wise. This particular decision and response from gamers is an important one too follow, not just for the Battlefront II customers–but for all upcoming games.

This overwhelming response could deter future publishers from inflating artificial grinds and other gimmicks designed to annoy players and incentivize the kinds of time-saving purchases EA was hoping for in Battlefront II. Earlier, EA published that the antique single player only model was unfeasible, yet that is just what has happened to Star Wars: Battlefront II. EA’s plan to maximize additional funds from its microtransaction system has backfired. In lieu of this, will publishers take note and scaleback microtransactions? Will gamers continue to push until this absurd system is removed from full retail games entirely?