Destiny 2 Beta Impressions

PC Gamers left out in the cold …

There’s that friend, you know who I’m talking about, that hung out with you back in middle school then shafts you for years like you don’t exist. Now that you’re driving a new car and are hanging out with your college crew suddenly he skates up with a beer and a “‘Ssup bro?” slips out of his mouth. Before you realize who it is, he drops a cold beer in your hand. Who? Who are you? Oh NOW you want to talk to me? Well that’s BUNGiE. Remember them? You’d have to go back to 2001 to see their last true PC game release in Oni (and that shouldn’t count as it was made by their tiny BUNGiE West office, the red headed step child no one talks about).

‘Ssup BUNGiE? What took you so long? Was it the Activision overlords demanding PC’s $36 billion dollar market share receive a Destiny entry? Or the change in company president? Either way, accepting that BUNGiE beer and just being ‘chill’ is going to depend on a couple of things, how good will this PC edition be? Is this a complete new turn of the leaf? The answer to the first question is pretty much answered. Destiny 2 is a beautiful game, and runs at 4K like a dream considering how jam packed with effects every portion of the game is.

Rain, fire, smoke, plasma, sparks, bullets — truly projectile shader diarrhea. But it looks GOOD

It’s honestly difficult to classify this as a “beta”, since all game functions including online code work so well. Not having played the first chapter, and not wanting to fire up a console to find out, I must admit I am very lost as to what’s going on. There’s a white planet, and a giant X-shaped ship humping it on the side, and that’s a bad thing. I supposed since this is part 2, and you begin at level 20, the white planetoid that gets humped zaps your powers and you start at level 1 again. Cliche, but what are you going to do.

Of course that brings me to question number #2, is this a complete new turn of the leaf? Doesn’t seem like a complete embrace of PC gamers per se. There doesn’t seem to be any plans for Destiny 1 to arrive on PC, there also is little in terms of refresher course for newcomers to the series (ie. all dedicated PC gamers). Perhaps with the game’s full release there will be more pieces to catch us up.

If you are looking for an online grinder, but with lots of fantastic moments, scripted story sequences, and online group events – then Destiny 2 is a no brain investment. It has plenty of top notch bells and whistles and transitions seamlessly from single play portions to cooperative online players and back again on the fly. I was stunned how easily I walked out of a hallway into a coop enabled ambush, fighting off hoards. Then a transparent transition back to the single player introduction that you were in.

Alright… about that beer BUNGiE.

Wait Destiny 2 releases on October 24, two whole months behind consoles.


When I asked this BUNGiE employee if they had plans to release Destiny 1 on PC, this is the face I got.