Dead or Alive 5 – PC Prejudice “Exposed”


It’s ugly.

It comes in many forms, from the utterly filthy and reprehensible to the subtle and elusive but equally damaging. Here at GoneWithTheWin, we are complete social justice warriors, out to do what is right even if no one else is willing to.. While some may fight for equality in skin color, age, religious beliefs, there is absolutely no one willing to advocate and fight for equality in the seedy, dark, underside of gaming. That’s right. We’re talking about the shameful public display of digital racism. It’s not a topic many are willing to talk about out in the open. Many look away in shame, others walk away seemingly uninterested in discussing this with you until you notice them wipe a small tear from their cheek as they look back in horror.

I approached a man on the bus, and I asked him how he felt about PC racism. He scratched at his belly and then thumbed off nuggets of last night’s vomit cheese from his stubble. He told me to give him $2 because he lost his wallet and he has no money for lunch or another bus ride. That’s how disgusting this worldwide epidemic has become. It’s right in everyone’s face, flaunted at places like E3, PAX, and more. “Not available on PC”. “PC Version coming at a later date”. “PC Version if you sign a petition”. “Stand over there in the higher resolution section PC scum”. Well, we’re not going to take it anymore!

What do we have that console and mobile gamers don’t have? Just because we use more fingers to play a game, and have pinpoint accuracy with our mice means we deserve to wait, LONGER for the same thing everyone else is already playing on their ? Just because PC’s are the master race and we know it, we get treated differently for being slightly different, but completely superior? And when it does finally arrive, that “PC port” they call it, some of these hoodlums purposely do all sorts of nasty things to our games, bad netcode or even NO netcode, frame rate caps, resolution caps, why that makes me so mad I could paint my face a solid color and just scream.


Today's Public Offender
Today’s Public Offender


This week’s ace in the a-hole is Team Ninja. Their PC release of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round was a karate chop to the Adam’s apple of every PC gamer in the universe. That’s like 200 billion gamers. First off, what are PC games known for? High resolution. By default, this game goes up to only 1920×1080, and you have to hack it to have it display anything else. Are you serious? Second, the game engine is PS3/360 Quality, not even the inferior yet less offensive Xbox One/PS4 physics was used. Why? No reason was given, something about it being a more “pure experience” that’s racist!

Now Team Ninja promised it’s customers online capability by June of this year, after releasing DOA5 with no online code (strike 2). So it’s June, where’s the online code? Team Ninja, released a statement July 1 (had to wait to the day after June ended didn’t ya’ dirtbags?) saying that the online code was not ready and not near completion. They gave the following statement over the phone when we called:

“Moshi Moshi. We have done seppukku to online mode for Dead Or Alive 5. You are PC gamer. Do seppukku on you too.”

Console versions are 1.03. PC Gamers? Something called 1.02A, A for AHAHAH

There’s more.

These are the things no one wants you see, and no one wants you to care about. That’s too bad because we’re someone and we care. They don’t want you look at it, and it’s right there peeing on your nose. But WAIT, there’s more.


DLC Pricing Comparison Xbox One Vs PC
DLC Pricing Comparison Popular Console Vs PC


Note on the left, the familiar pricing page for DLC. Now what do you see? $64.99, $74.99, $34.99, $55.99. Now look at the screen shot for the console store. “Free If You Have No PC”. Charity for console gamers? I don’t think so. This is a message, a clear one to those who do not eat that extra Pop Tart, who pass on going to the movies, who steal their little brother’s lunch money, and saved up every penny to buy that double Titan X, 800GB RAM, decacore PC setup at home, that you can afford to pay a little more for everything. How is that fair?


Team Ninja knows how to fight dirty
Team Ninja knows how to fight dirty


Notice evidence exhibit 1.2A-B9213. Actual game prejudices on display here. On the left the PC version. Dead Or Alive features punches and kick that induce a “critical stun”. These powerful attacks render the opponent unable to move for a split second. Seen here on the left the fighter known as Lisa, who is much browner in the PC version for some reason (probably due to the Playstation 3 engine used in the port), she reaches over to stun Christie’s armpit. The resulting shockwave of underarm power is graphically represented by the spread waves. However let’s look at the console version, BOTH armpits exploded in stunning delight. Also in the PC version, Christie’s feet are digging into the sand as if she’s sinking deep into the sand. But not the console version clearly shoes ten little piggies nicely painted in aqua marine. It’s almost as if they are blatantly saying “PC Gamers are sinking into the sand and we hope they die”. Did they think no one would notice?


That's racist! This is just all kinds of wrong.
That’s racist! This is just all kinds of wrong.


Seen here is a side by side screen capture of popular Dead or Alive character Christie, do I really need to explain what’s wrong between the PC and Console versions here? Distorting the mammary organs of characters just because of platform preference is just blatantly bigoted, and the effect is even doubled when compared to PS4/Xbox One screens which utilize far superior physics algorithms not present in the PC Version.


PC Physics vs PS4 Physics Engine
PC Physics vs PS4 Physics Engine


Ok Team Ninja, it’s obvious you win this time. You didn’t get away with it though. In protest, we have been sending this developer constant videos of us playing Street Fighter IV, and Mortal Kombat X. I even sent them a personal video of myself calling Capcom pre-ordering Street Fighter V on PC. Sure, they may have hung up on us every single time and I’m pretty sure these peabrained programmers have run out of ways to call us “losers” in a variety of languages. But the Master Gaming Race will win in the long haul, we know it, and they know it.



Maybe this time Team Ninja, but we'll meet again.
Maybe you win this time Team Ninja, but we’ll meet again.



  1. Do you even know what is in the console 1.03? The PC version doesn’t need the updates given to the console that’s why it’s still at 1.02A and Christie’s breast doesn’t look like that in my copy of DoA 5 Last Round and that “christie’s sinking feet” nonsense shows that you don’t have any idea what you are talking about. And who would want that overly stretched boobs that you, for some reason, like so much? If you think you can do a better port, why don’t you go to Team Ninja and port their games yourself? I never had any crashes playing DoA for more than 200 hours and it’s worth all my penny which means it’s a good port for me.

    • Mixme,

      We haven’t officially launched yet, thanks for stopping by. Leo’s article was a satirical take on the problematic PC port of DOA. The intention was to be humorous. Some of the examples are obviously hyperbolic exaggeration and imaginary, but the reality is that port is a poor one and it has frustrated a lot of fans of the series.

      In the future we are going to ensure any sort of parody or satire articles are clearly labeled as such to ensure there isn’t reader confusion.

      Thanks for your comment. We hope you didn’t take what was meant to be a playful article seriously.

    • Version 1.04 clearly has the humor patch you need MixMe321

    • On a high end Gaming Pc or even a mid-range one………no needs for a soft engine,i have consoles too, and when i compare my Pc version of the game (4K res , max setting vs consoles ones, i have to said …Pc is far superior to say the least….And ur right, christie breasts look awesome, really not alike the author of this article showed us…Racism maybe…but dont think its come from team ninja

      • The only thing that i hate is that they say that the PC version is nowhere better than the PS3/XB360 ones. Are they out of their minds? or are they just completely BLIND?

        PS3 & XB360 – can only be played at 720p without any kind of anti-aliasing

        PC Version – can be played up to 4k with good AA, you can also use SweetFX to adjust the game’s vibrance, color tone, dpx, hdr and many more to your liking, even adding more AA to it with both SweetFX and the GPU control panel AA setting.

        • i totally agree

          • Terickle and MixMe321, as the author of the article I just wanted to add to some of your comments and a little explanation as well.

            I am in fact an avid gamer, PC gamer by default, but I actually own both versions of Dead or Alive (Xbox 1 and PC). There are some differences between the releases which are tackled in an exaggerated way in this article.

            I wanted to backtrack for a moment and just ask a hypothetical, if we went back in time to DOA 5’s original console release and the PS4 version had no online, what would Sony’s response be? How would it have affected sales? With development on XB1/PS4/PC being so similar these days, why would a developer of any game not ensure all functions work across all three platforms upon release? Is your money not as good as a console player?

            Also, the physics engine, the online availability are not things I made up. These are facts. Team Ninja doesn’t dispute these facts either. Team Ninja gave explanations for them (PC version ‘closer to arcade’ – online not working right). So they are ACTUAL things to talk about.

            That said I love DOA5, my wife and I go at it Momiji vs Christie all day long and our kids as well jump into the fray on either platform. I’ve been playing Tecmo games since Tecmo Bowl and the NES Ninja Gaiden. I love Team Ninja’s over the top presentations, and blatant liberties taken with the human anatomy. It was these exaggerations that prompted exaggerations of my own for this article.

            My exaggerations were to satirically, and humorously (humorlessly? eye of the beholder right?) highlight that there ARE differences between platforms that maybe shouldn’t be there. PC is more than capable of playing any next gen game BETTER than current consoles. It is also showing that it is a highly viable consumer platform. Ubisoft, Dark Souls, both recently showing that PC purchases make up a great deal of their yearly profits, much more than previously thought. I planned on making more satirical articles (although not my focus, as you can see from my other articles including State of the Game), for developers that neglect one entire platform while bestowing benefits to another.

            Last, I really do appreciate your comments, and I love rubbing elbows with avid gamers especially those who are pushing their rigs to the highest possible gaming res, framerate all the time, it’s a hobby and a passion we share. So whenever Team Ninja does release the online version, maybe we’ll take out our top heavy female fighters or ridiculously super sized man fighters in this game out and spar with each other! 🙂



          • For a game developer, there is a drastic difference in cost between PC and console games. The difference is not that the company is attempting to cheat you out of the same experience. It is that the console is identical, regardless of the owner. One working build of the game for PS4 will work on ANY PS4. One working build for PC may work for me, but not for you. With that, the company now has to invest in designing additional configuration, testing, and support. The console is no longer a known variable. Now there is a limitless number of variables for just the system alone. So much for having the same support team handle both…

            If I asked you to go sell hot dogs for $1 and told you the fees for the corner on the left were $.25 per sale and the fees for the corner on the right were $0.50 per sale, you’d sell on the left until you ran out of customers before moving right, too. It’s common sense.

          • Gone With The Win

            You are absolutely right, LoungeKatt. There is still an incentive to program for consoles versus PC for certain genres and AAA titles. No one is denying the financial facts either.

            The purpose of this feature was satire, comically highlighting that the PC version is different in the oddest of ways (“Boob physics” cut from PC). Some ports do not add in resolutions beyond the console 1080p, like you mentioned, there’s no financial incentive to “over port” for PC especially when the player pool for PC is going to smaller for a fighter like DOA than consoles. Still it raises a question, why wasn’t the Xbox One edition ported to PC since it would be the most similar to current PC gaming standards in terms of OS, API, etc.? Hence the comical stance of the article.

          • Repeating the comical intention of the article reminds me a lot of the child on the playground that trips another then shouts it was a joke to avoid any backlash for his actions. It may have had its funny aspects, but there was some legitimate reason for it.


            The article is an interview with a developer for cross-platform game and it should give you some indication as to why the Xbox One edition was not the basis for a PC port.

          • Gone With The Win

            Your first post attempted to bring logic to an article that you feel had “comical intentions”. As a post we’ve had up since July 2015, we’re clearly not worried about any kind of backlash.

            Developing for consoles and PC issue differences is not new, and clearly understood. The plight of developers is something we are not ignorant of. Blacksea Odyssea, Calvino Noir, DarkFlame, The Swindle, Bertram Fiddle: these are but a few of the games we really enjoyed playtesting that struggle to gain attention for their Kickstarters or Steam Sales.

            There are others still who have made games and are forced to release them too early for time constraints, their publisher dropped them, or budget just gave out. Some of these guys fold after one game. Others cling to hope anyone will be able to revive their dream of publishing their game ideas.

            Our job is to give an accurate portrayal of any game experience good or bad on any PC game we chose to review. This is not a review. There were users on STEAM, PC Gamer, NeoGaf, and other forums that were upset with the differences. There maybe some who did not buy Dead Or Alive 5 on PC because of it. No amount of explanation will suffice to those PC game consumers. This article does not contain any real explanation for the “200 billion gamers” either.

            If you felt like you were tripped up at the playground, that was not the intention of the article nor the piece. There’s nothing factual really in here, the primary example of reduced breast size on the PC version is a blatant exaggeration. DLC pricing was greatly exaggerated. Nor is Christie’s toes digging more into the sand in the PC version.These are not real differences between PC and console version of this game. Which you stated in your second post, that you realized. There is some minimal truth in this satirical piece, if not the article would probably sound as if its about something that doesn’t even exist in this universe — it would have to be grounded “in something”.

            What many fail to realize however is that the PC “lemonade stand” isn’t a “lemonade stand” at all. It’s a thriving store just like consoles, able to command millions and millions of sales revenue. While it isn’t our focus, it can be comical at times how PC versions of a title are not given the same treatment as consoles — thoughts and attitudes of Publishers have changed on the matter (over many years). Your link to Eurogamer (a site I read daily) does not fully cover what led a game company to port DOA5 in this particular fashion. If you’ve decided to budget resources to port a game to PC, one in which a considerable portion of it’s user base can assimilate next generation console version of your game engines, why base your port on the arcade or even last generation console versions? Food for thought.

            It’s a fun game that I own on Xbox One and PC myself. While I can’t speak for them at all, the at lengths over-exaggerations presented here would most likely be appreciated by the folks at Team Ninja, who’s own over the top humor and exaggerated portrayals of anatomy have landed them under fire by some.

          • Despite numerous claims that the article was nothing but satirically poking fun at legitimate issues, here you are making the same “mistake” that is continually the basis for discrediting other comments as irrelevant. It was a satirical comparison.

            It is always interesting to see an author (or editor) completely discredit their own article in the same post as trying to justify it. Rather than posting what appear to be rather obsessive replies, a simple disclaimer could have saved hours. It sounds like investing time into proper presentation is the entire basis of the article.

            I appreciate your time, but making what was written as a justification for such differences into what comes off as a very elitist, almost arrogant, debate that belittles reader response only serves to justify seeking out other sources of information.

            Best of luck to you.

          • LoungeKatt,

            Not to keep stating the obvious, but it is pretty clearly a satirical article. The tone of that is clear, the photoshops are clear, the responses to commenters makes that clear (and you reference that yourself in your last reply).

            Leo hasn’t discredited his article, he is showing you a modicum of respect by replying to you. Whether or not you agree is your own affair. If you don;t like the humor, fine. If you don’t like the hyperbole, fine. And please feel free to state your opinions. But tone down the rhetoric, because saying the author has “completely discredited” his article is ridiculous.

            Let’s look at the core thesis here behind the satire:

            it’s not about DOA, it’s about bad ports coming to PC (not the title).

            It’s true, it happens, and regardless of what the constraints are, it’s always a disappointment when any title comes from a less robust platform and is missing features and performance that PC gamers expect to see in their titles.

            Now, YOU may think this version of DOA is a fine port. Many people would disagree. Here’s a march 2015 article from PC World on the subject:


            So we appreciate your opinion and taking to time to read the article and share. I think your breakdown of how the porting process works is naive, but that’s your own opinion and I don’t care to debate it with you.

            We never try to disrespect our readers, please show us the same courtesy.



          • It “discredited his article” to say that there is “nothing factual really in here” so there is no need to “tone down the rhetoric” when it is a legitimate interpretation. If this was not the intent, perhaps this was a poor choice of words or the term “discredit” was misunderstood.

            I was not aware my “breakdown of how the porting process works is naive” or when it was that I posted such a thing. I can only assume this is referring to the statement that porting is driven by revenue. This was confirmed by the first reply. That is the only point I have made about the porting process, other than to state that porting from the Xbox One would not provide better results, which was provided as a link to a well-known source.

            I understand you may “never try to disrespect” readers, but it is only fair that when someone attempts to make their point by claiming the other party is naive about a topic, it does pose the risk of sounding elitist. There is very little basis for the initial evaluation, but more than adequate proof of the later exists. It can be said that posting as a moderator to reprimand that statement is arrogant in itself.

            The original point was discussing the reason behind such events, but not their legitimacy. I apologize that dismissing this point in an effort to discuss legitimacy had adverse results.

            As stated in my previous reply, “I don’t care to debate it with you” so kindly give me “the same courtesy” and disregard the comment or, if you find it offensive, simply delete it.

  2. Mixme,

    We haven’t officially launched yet, thanks for stopping by. Leo’s article was a satirical take on the problematic PC port of DOA. The intention was to be humorous. Some of the examples are obviously hyperbolic exaggeration and imaginary, but the reality is that port is a poor one and it has frustrated a lot of fans of the series.

    In the future we are going to ensure any sort of parody or satire articles are clearly labeled as such to ensure there isn’t reader confusion.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. and tomorrow i will have forgotten everything i read here