Crowfall MMO Justifies Their Slow Development Pace

I'm not an heavy MMO fiend, but this one looks good
I’m not an heavy MMO fiend, but this one looks good

Crowfall’s Kickstarter campaign ended in March of 2015. Successfully raising close to two million USD initially, now this project is up to $6,296,000+ in crowd funds, which is posted clearly on their website’s header. The developers have been transparent and open about many details, including financial ones, as this game has progressed. What makes Crowfall an ambitious project to keep an eye on is its hybrid genre ideas for MMO play. Crowfall’s setting is one of fantasy which has been done before but it’s deployment, combat, and economy style feels unique and intriguing. Each server is it’s own world and campaign. As you settle your territory you can build shops, manage your economy, and recruit an army like a strategy game. Combat comes in the form of an almost RTS, as you storm castles with troops, siege weapons and more.

Sounds interesting? We think so too. Alpha testing has been a slow and arduous process, with the game only up for testing during limited windows. Only one aspect of the game is available for testing, and it does not yet have the form a full MMO. Recently in an interview with, development house Artcraft explained why. Their focus at the moment is refining the combat aspects of the game first. Once this is flawless and smooth, they plan on working on all the other elements that tie the game together. The game’s lead designers noted playing with other MMOs at Beta stages, they worked on the world and map sizes first. So yes you could see the MMO taking shape quicker, but when the game was released none of the other important gameplay aspects measured up.

For this reason Crowfall has been so combat focused, since it’s sieges and arena battles will likely be the premier aspect of this intriguing online experience. Keep an eye on Crowfall, or support the game and have access to its early testing sooner rather than later. There is always something to be said for taking part in a game while in development stages and helping to mold its end result.