Crazy Justice Offering Unprecedented PC/Switch/Xbox One Cross-Play Support

Move over Fortnight, not that you were in the way of anyone, Crazy Justice is here

You would think indie developers would avoid the cell shaded shooter market like the plague with roving media hog Overwatch rolling about. Two man developer team Black Riddles Studios does not seem to care, and their gumption has just paid off with an incredible surge of media attention. They’ve just announced that their third person shooter Crazy Justice will offer squad based cross platform support for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC gamers. Further they are aiming for a first quarter 2018 release for their title.

Should this go as planned Crazy Justice would immediately earn a spot in the annals of gaming history. It would be the first game to ever tie in those three platforms together into one multiplayer experience. It also raises a monumental eyebrow, if a small two man studio can forge a smooth multiplayer experience encompassing three platforms, how are AAA games like Battlefront II, Call of Duty: WWII, and Overwatch unable (read: unwilling from the looks of it) to do the same for their legions of fans?

Crazy Justice is a crowdfunded indie title ($26,351 as of today, of a $30,000 goal with only three days left). In addition to third person shooting combat versus waves of enemies, this title will focus on a cover system, fully destructible barriers, and a building system for players to design their own choke points. Cross platform play will allow users from all three gaming worlds to form squads and take on enemies together. The game is currently in multiplayer beta testing with an early 2018 release date.