Commodore 64 Reboot Kicks Off

I wasn’t lucky enough to own a Commodore 64 when they debuted in 82. I was fortunate enough to have access to one in the early 80s…and if you are too young to have experienced those halcyon days, don’t despair! You don’t have to boot up an emulator  or dig through thrift stores, Ebay listings and Craigslist to get down and dirty with the original 8 bit gaming monster. Well, you can do that…or you can take a peek at The 64 and the Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign that launched today:



THE 64 ™ is here and has bought it’s handheld cousin along for the ride! The world’s bestselling single computer model (* Credit Guinness Book of Records) has been reimagined in both computer and handheld console versions!

THE 64 ™ is an exciting and respectful re-imagining of the original home computer, the Commodore 64 ™. Developed using the latest (old) technology, the highly passionate team behind THE 64 ™ is excited to bring you not only a classic desktop version of THE 64 ™ but also a brand new handheld version meaning classic gaming, on the go!

Launched on crowdfunding website Indiegogo today, fans from across the world are being invited to back this campaign to bring to life THE 64 ™ computer.

As well as a chance to get their hands on THE 64 ™ computer or handheld version, there is also an exciting range of other THE 64 ™ campaign backers perks, including: signed limited edition concept art, originals, posters, limited edition chrome computers, and even getting your name on the PCB alongside the team!”

Now, that hot take is straight from a press release email I was given this morning. Take it as you will. If you like retro aesthetics and physical hardware, this might be your thing. Otherwise, I say pass…there isn’t anything here you can’t do on your phone (or many game handhelds) or computer.

Interested? Go investigate their crowd funding effort or check out their website for more information.