Come Play With Us – GWTW Conan Exiles Server NOW LIVE

Let’s see, you can hack. You can slash. You can also eat bugs, fight stoney horse monsters…  Oh! and you can see your pee-pee and poo-poo too. FUN!

Conan Exiles took us by storm shortly after Ark: Survival Evolved did. Now with the release of the Frozen North expansion we’re sucked back into the world of half-naked barbarians running around pummeling each other in the hairy stones. Thing is, why get your gonads pummeled all by your lonesome? That’s stupid. Specialized activities such as these requires a social commune of sorts. So to that effect here is our server info:

UPDATED –  Server IP: Port: 11976

Conan Exiles is a large scale action game taking place within the Conan comic universe. Published and developed by Funcom, it posted impressive sales records when it launched earlier this year. Known for its gratuitous violence, and adult nudity, Conan Exiles is a deep game with both role playing and survival aspects.  Crafting, resource gathering, as well as numerous base building options are only part of the gameplay tasks you can engage in, there are also numerous locations to explore, portions of story to unlock, and the ability to create massive Titans to which assault player bases or NPC towns.