Co-oping in Dying Light = Wut Moments A Plenty

"War. War Never Changes."
“War. War Never Changes.”


Dying Light co-op is definitely the definitive way to crush zombies, especially when you team up with someone who has a knack for getting stuck in geometry. Destroying all friendlies, including co-op partner, self, and friends with a untimely placed grenade that happened to bounce back at just the wrong moment. For this WUT moment, my stalwart Dying Light companion, Obsurveyor and I respond to victim in need. We hear his cry for help and decide to head over to save this noob as quickly as possible. You know, the one time we really care.

As you can see our arrival and timing for two attack moves (swing of weapon and drop kick) has some pretty op results. It’s so explosive the broken noob victim we were trying to save, was still left crying about the whole thing. (PS, I really could use room clearing skills like these, would sure beat farting people away). Props to Obsurveyor for recording the whole event.