Civilization IV Summer and Fall 2017 Patch Aims To Deepen Gameplay

Civilization VI patches are more than just tweaks and glitch fixes, they are bringing needed gameplay enhancements.

Microtransactions, cash traps, and meaningless DLC/Costume packs litter our games today. Publishing companies and developers have learned to do one thing, stay silent. Just stay quiet, and hope gamers love your title enough they can squeeze some more profit out of their investments. While I am a huge fan of the Civilization series, I am not blind to the fact some of the post release options are poised to gouge the millions of worldwide loyal fans. It’s a given. So it was a surprise back in May, when the Civilization VI development team felt their Deluxe Edition product was not up to par. They released a new free faction for owners of the Deluxe Edition, new scenarios, and the Summer 2017 patch carried a bevy of balance fixes.

I also keep waiting for the additional DLCs, 2-3 more pay-only civilizations or minor packs to offset the costs of this newfound generosity. Where’s the “must have expansion pack” that fixes the the aspect of the game that was the weakest aspect of the original release? It’s not coming. At least not yet, instead we are being teased a big Fall 2017 update.

This one aims to improve the religion meta, with new pantheons, beliefs, religious buildings, and even a new religious unit–the Warrior Monk. The entire religious meta will be overhauled, allowing for zones of control, religious healing, and the potential for more meaningful religious combat strategies.

Remember how naval units were always an afterthought? Or a late game rush to conquer the final continents or islands? AI players will be overhauled to produce more naval units, and more aggressively defend their waters. Diplomatic gossip messages will be streamlined to provide only crucial information. Diplomacy screens are being tweaked to cut out a lot of the mundane and repetitive rhetoric. All of these tweaks and changes are free for all owners of Civilization VI in the near future.

The cause for two updates this year that improves gameplay to what was usually relegated to “expansion pack” level improvements? According to the development team their reason was, “We also heard your requests for a deeper overall experience–and took that to heart”. That’s it, that’s the reason. If only every company took this stance, you wouldn’t see forced microtransaction stores included in major triple AAA games like the recent Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. While there is no release date for the upcoming Fall 2017, there will be more information regarding these changes and enhancements in the coming days. We will keep you up to date as we uncover these details.