Game Review

How much entertainment volume, does Volume hold?

Making a game is easy. Making a good game is not easy, let alone a good game by a one man production company. That is about as common as passing 24K gold kidney stones. Mike Bithell has already struck such rare gold with his first solo project, Thomas Was Alone. It’s fair …

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Curses N’ Chaos Defeating the Grim Reaper, One Frog at a Time

  Tribute Games took the indie gaming scene by storm with its 2014 release Mercenary Kings. It’s arcade Metal Slug inspired flavors and addicting platform action pushed Tribute onto my ‘must watch list. Curses N Chaos is a straight up a NES era inspired brawler. It’s handling of power items and co-op play manage …

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Review: From the Cradle to the Vague

cradle pc game review

Cradle. What is it? Cradle is an undeniably inspired vision of an amorphous future dystopia, a visual treat composed of many layers that sharply contrast with the cramped boundaries of the canvas framing it. Cradle is a tantalizing story that teases the player as it piques interest when it emerges from dialogue and peeks slyly from …

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Going Beyond Games With Beyond Eyes

  The video game industry has surpassed the film industry in gross revenue for years now. According to a study done in 2008, 68% of households in the United States play computer or console games. When I was young boy, console games on the Atari 2600 where laughable representations of films. …

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A Prince or Pauper? King of Dragon Pass Review

king of dragon pass review

King of Dragon Pass was released in 1999. Since then, it’s seen a port to mobile (iOS, Android and Windows mobile), a digital release of the original on and finally it’s returned to PC via Steam, with some minor content additions. Does it still hold the crown after 16 years? …

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Nom Nom Galaxy: Greedily Grinding out Galactic Soup for Universal Domination

Chicken. Beef. Bisque. Ramen. Who doesn’t like soup? I love soup. So does PixelJunk makers of great indie titles such as PixelJunk Monsters and PixelJunk Shooter, and they want to spread their love of soup across the universe. The silly premise, whimsical humor, and distinct art styles attempt to draw players …

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Breach and Clear: Deadline – Strategic Zombie Combat Unleashed

Last year Mighty Rabbit Studios released Breach and Clear, a tactical strategy game revolving around micromanaging your four-man special forces team through a plethora of anti-terrorism scenarios. The game earned many favorable reviews from gamers and critics alike. Breach and Clear gave you control over nearly every aspect of deploying elite forces into precarious scenarios. …

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Kyn You Dig It?

Kyn pc game review

My first few minutes into Kyn, I hoped I had found the spiritual sequel to Aarklash: Legacy, a superlative strategy rpg from 2013 that was criminally overlooked by the gaming press. Tangrin Studios is a two-man Dutch game studio (Victor Legerstee and Cavit Ozurk), and what they have accomplished with Kyn …

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Submerged Drowns Under The Weight of Expectations

Submerged PC game review

Submerged, the creation of Upper Cut Games, a small studio that consists of three former 2k Australia members, releases for retail August 4th and launches with the premise that a game without a “failure state,” no combat, minimal narrative, and no consequences for player choices can be an entertaining game. …

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