Bungie: “400 users banned” For Threatening Destiny 2 PC Ecosystem

400 users banned for attempting unauthorized access of Destiny 2

This morning we posted a story regarding a number of PC users complaining on Reddit and other forums that they were banned from playing Destiny 2. These stories were posted with screenshots, and led readers to believe they were banned for using third party video capture software. Being so specific seemed odd to us, especially considering that A) using video capture software is common and B) Bungie never stated that using them would be a banned offense.

In any case the news has spiraled since it was posted and now Bungie has taken notice. They have answered the following:

Of note, there is no “automatic ban bot” that is summarily kicking users off the system as online users were insinuating. Out of those bans, 400 players have been banned after a Bungie representative verified an illegal attempt at circumventing Destiny 2’s systems were detected. It appears that third party capture software is acceptable for us with Destiny 2, provided Bungie’s guidelines are followed.