Beta Signups Now Open for SNOW

It’s that time of year when snow can really be a problem. Well, it’s not a problem if you are lucky enough to live in Florida, but I live in Denver, and snow is something I have to deal with from October through May. But there’s another SNOW coming, and this is a game.

SNOW looks likes a fairly fun skiing simulator. Does it include otehr sports or activiteis, such as snow-boarding? I can’t tell from their website. I can tell that SNOW uses a free-to-play model, and I am anticipating some serious grind in the game based on the number of real-world product tie-ins the game developers already have with existing ski and winter wear brands. Have you been dreaming of owning your own pair of Wayback 88 skis from K2? A pair will set you back $650, but Snow offers you an opportunity to save some money and own the latest trends in skis and skiing accessories, at least digitally.

The beta signup is on the SNOW’s front page.  If you are convinced, here’s a trailer to help you decide if Snow is the game for you. Remember, if you sign up for the beta you get…well, you get a Red Bull skiing helmet. That’s a pretty bodacious deal, dudes. The current beta is closed, but it appears they are issuing keys pretty quickly. The open beta goes into effect January 27th.