Zach Turnbull

Review: Skyshine’s BEDLAM Lightyears Ahead of FTL.

Ooooh, that’s a bold headline and claim! FTL opened up a new sub-genre of roguelike games with it’s tight focus on reaching a destination, the integration of a vehicle for resource management and combat and the escalating difficulty as one moves from the periphery of the starting location to the …

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Review: The Right Cross of the Dutchman

Rampaging invaders, the transformation of a humble farmer into a fearsome rebel leader, the timeless tale of an enemy force seeking to exert its will on an unwilling citizenry. This is the fundamental composition of Cross of the Dutchman, the latest release Triangle Studios. As the story goes, it’s like the …

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Review: From the Cradle to the Vague

cradle pc game review

Cradle. What is it? Cradle is an undeniably inspired vision of an amorphous future dystopia, a visual treat composed of many layers that sharply contrast with the cramped boundaries of the canvas framing it. Cradle is a tantalizing story that teases the player as it piques interest when it emerges from dialogue and peeks slyly from …

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A Prince or Pauper? King of Dragon Pass Review

king of dragon pass review

King of Dragon Pass was released in 1999. Since then, it’s seen a port to mobile (iOS, Android and Windows mobile), a digital release of the original on and finally it’s returned to PC via Steam, with some minor content additions. Does it still hold the crown after 16 years? …

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Kyn You Dig It?

Kyn pc game review

My first few minutes into Kyn, I hoped I had found the spiritual sequel to Aarklash: Legacy, a superlative strategy rpg from 2013 that was criminally overlooked by the gaming press. Tangrin Studios is a two-man Dutch game studio (Victor Legerstee and Cavit Ozurk), and what they have accomplished with Kyn …

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Submerged Drowns Under The Weight of Expectations

Submerged PC game review

Submerged, the creation of Upper Cut Games, a small studio that consists of three former 2k Australia members, releases for retail August 4th and launches with the premise that a game without a “failure state,” no combat, minimal narrative, and no consequences for player choices can be an entertaining game. …

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Surreal Hugventure Dropsy Goes Retail September 10th

Dropsy gets a september 10th release date

Dropsy made some ripples with its unusual protagonist and art style when the Kickstarter launched in 2013. $25,000 dollars in backer funds and 2 years later, Dropsy finally gets a release date on September 10th. Hey, are you upset that it took so long? HUG IT OUT! That’s how Dropsy …

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Nidhogg Releases Patch To Optimize Online Multiplayer

Nidhogg fixes online multiplayer

With multiplayer fighting games, reaction time is everything. Nidhogg is popular with gamers and critics for it’s fast-paced and simple one vs one gameplay, making it one of the best local multiplayer experiences the PC has to offer. The online multiplayer has had severe latency and desync issues since release, making it virtually …

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Feist – The Game Where The Designers Spent 7 Years Planning Ways To Kill You

feist review

Feist is a beautiful and atmospheric game. The minimalist art design brings many comparisons to Limbo, but Feist precedes Limbo by two years. Feist’s compelling visual aesthetic is paired with an ambient soundtrack that’s geared towards immersing you into the savage 2-D world your character inhabits.   Feist is also frustrating …

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Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! – A High-Carb Diet of Management Goodness

Management and simulation games often feature succinct, unambiguous titles that leave no doubt about what a player will be exercising control over. Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop!?, doesn’t deviate from this formula and the title foreshadows a whimsical, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor with a strong geek culture influence. The background story …

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