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Co-oping in Dying Light = Wut Moments A Plenty

  Dying Light co-op is definitely the definitive way to crush zombies, especially when you team up with someone who has a knack for getting stuck in geometry. Destroying all friendlies, including co-op partner, self, and friends with a untimely placed grenade that happened to bounce back at just the …

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Lego Worlds Receives It’s First Update

  Lego Worlds was released last month on Steam Early Access, it was pretty bare and there were several options unavailable without XML manipulation to get the game to even display properly for some users. However, once up and running the potential for Lego Worlds was readily evident. Lego Worlds …

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Witcher III 1.07 Patch Announced – Fans and CD Projekt Red Officially Holding Hands

Witcher III has commanded to much attention from gamers this year, you would think CD Projekt Red would just hang back and enjoy the limelight for a while. Nope. They have recently announced details of their upcoming 1.07 patch, and what has become evident is that they listen closely to …

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The Division’s Dark Zones story introduced

Ubisoft has released a story trailer detailing one of the main story aspects of its upcoming persistent multiplayer universe game The Division. From what’s gathered of the trailer The Dark Zones were the areas used to house the sick and infected following a virus outbreak. What was originally thought to …

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Talos Principle DLC : Road to Gehenna Has Firm Release Date

Following up its critical success in The Talos Principle, Croteam has announced that on July 23rd, Road To Gehenna it’s first major downloadable content update to The Talos Principle will be available for purchase and download via the Steam game platform. Original Talos Principle writers Tom Jubert and Jonas Kyratzes …

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Windows 10 Bringing New Version of Minecraft

One of the most widely known and played games of our era Minecraft is coming to Windows 10 in an all new edition. Mojang recently announced this new version dubbed “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta” will come as a free release edition to the all of those who already own …

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