4x MMORTS Starborne: Sovereign Space Launches Alpha On October 18th.

Solid Cloud’s Starborne: Sovereign Space promises to be “head and shoulders” above the competition in the multiplayer strategy segment.  The gameplay is a mix of classic 4x elements combined with a persistent MMO experience. A card-based system also features prominently for upgrades and counters from an alliance level on down. The core feature Starborne is a mammoth rendered starmap that pits up to 2,492 players against each other and enemy alliances. A game of Starborne can take months, according to the developers.

Starborne is Solid Cloud’s first title, but if you are a fan of EVE Online, you will be excited to see that Ásgeir Ásgeirsson, EVE Online’s former Art Director, and Hrafnkell Óskarsson, who oversaw the design and lore of EVE Online, are on the SOlic Cloud team.

The alpha goes live on October 18th. 2017. Space is limited to 2,492 players, so grab a slot while they are available. The alpha will run for three months. Again, this is an ALPHA so expect glitches, bugs, and other aspects of an alpha build.

Go to Starborne’s website for more information and to sign up for the alpha. Signups start when the alpha opens. If you want an idea of the art style, the map, gameplay and other elements, check out the trailer below: