10 Year Old Game Gets Patch – It’s Galactic Civilizations II !

Wow.. 10 year old game gets patched now that's love.
Wow.. 10 year old game gets patched now that’s love.

They say making a game, is a labor of love. So you know a developer really loves their craft, when 10 years later after release, they are still releasing patches for it. Keep in mind Galactic Civilizations III is out (and getting regular updates) now, and these are not MMOs or MOBAs that receive constant updating due to online players and F2P financial structures. Stardock Entertainment has an obvious interest in keeping all of their games, not just the latest release up to date and relevant. That is pretty impressive.

You know what else is impressive? The list of changes in the patch log. Being dubbed the “No Game Left Behind” patch, the full list of changes can be found here. There are significant balance and economy changes, as well as faction specific changes. If you purchased GC2 on Steam it will update automatically. However for legacy copies of GC2 head on over to Stardock’s official downloads page to receive your free update file.