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Head to Head Multiplayer Galaxy Combat Wargames Needs Support

Blow up your friends in this easy to learn, easy to play action indie title.

Whenever I hear the phrase “head to head” I’m whisked away to a simpler time. A time when snotty kid faces were crammed into a rectangular box; feverishly smacking buttons like jackrabbits on meth. Beep, boop, peowshh sounds the only real indicator as to who was winning. In other words, everything seen ...

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Good Robot – REVIEW

Good things come in small packages, this can be true with good robots as well.

Sometimes a developer can do more in 88 megabytes than others do with 8 gigabytes. Good Robot combines 2D twin-stick shooting with rogue-lite elements and delivers blocks of entertainment in every bit. Copious weapon and headgear options glamorize the typical twin shooter combat, but there is also enough parody throughout to make even jaded gamers crack a smile. Good ...

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Jacking Genres With Spacejacked – REVIEW

People getting jacked left and right, and you got to save them in SPACE

Spacejacked is an ingenious genre mash of tower defense strategies, arcade shoot ’em up fun, with a hint of rogue-lite. Meet Dave Paprovsky, mild mannered space technician by day, guy who sleeps in his bunk at night. Until one day, aliens attack your spaceship and jack your crew. It is up to ...

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Zombies on a Plane – REVIEW

Sometimes zombies just need to be on the ground?

Update 2: As of this morning, the developer took to deleting our discussion thread on STEAM. A strange move, considering most reviews have been negative on this game (16% favorable reviews at this time). Update: This review is based on a pre-release edition. Prior to today’s release, the game received ...

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Blacksea Odyssey Releases On Steam’s Early Access

My harpoons are polished... my space jet ski is waxed... Time to spank and yank!

It was a warm February in Florida. Our three days of harsh mid-50 degree winter days long gone. To my left, half my kids were busy making sand castles. To my right, the older kids who were “too cool” for sand castles were just prancing around dabbing and flinging handfuls of ...

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Darkest Dungeon Goes Full Retail Today


As life ebbs, terrible vistas of emptiness reveal themselves. Mortality clarified in a single strike! One of the absolute best games of 2015 officially leaves Early Access today! A price drop will accompany today’s official release (personally looking to pick up the soundtrack on sale). Darkest Dungeon is an RPG ...

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Who can say ‘no’ to a free game from BundleStars?


BundleStars is giving away 50,000 copies of Blades X, a hack and slash action game on Steam (retail $9.99  USD). They are also announcing with this free give away 8 games for $1.99 in their All Stars Bundle 5. Regardless if you like hack and slash, polygons, or buttons – ...

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Steam Sales Stats For 2015

steam stats totals 2015

Sergey Galyonkin of SteamSpy has released the sales and key activation numbers for Steam throughout 2015. Actually, it only shows from April forward, but it’s still a fairly exhaustive estimate of game revenues and sales/key activation. The break-down uses a top-twenty format: So, there’s some predictable heavyweight titles topping the ...

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Digital Downloads Taking Over, A New Age of Gaming On The Horizon?


Gamers are playing more games than ever before. Holiday season game sales are in healthy full swing. Yet video game stores are going the way of the dodo in a hurry. The New York Times reported the growing disparity between retailers and game sales as a whole. None of this is shocking ...

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