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Pesadelo – Regressão – Or Why Brazilian Cemeteries Stain Your Pants – Review

First time I saw this bony guy I released my bowels, he threw up blood. BFFs 4 Lyfe!

Nightmare – Regression. That is what the game’s title means, and what first time developer Skyjaz Games was hoping to capture with their horror game Pesadelo – Regressão. First time horror releases from indie sources are commonly plagued with many crude, low-production game elements. Does this entry live up to its chilling namesake? Judging from early ...

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30 Years of Snake – The Phantom Pain Review

The intertwined complex saga of Solid Snake and Big Boss through the years

With 30 years of Metal Gear gaming under the belt, this month Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain released, together with the prequel chapter Ground Zeroes, Hideo Kojima ties up once again, more loose ends for Big Boss, this time in the 1980s on one of the largest stages ever set ...

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If Humphrey Bogart starred in a PC game, it would be Calvino Noir

Contender for sleeper hit, 2015

  Beads of sweat raced down like skiers off a lift, tripping up on the unkempt cactus field along my jaw. It was a hot summer day. People streamed in and out of this place letting in gusts of the Sahara in with them. Those that came in looked like miserable ...

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How much entertainment volume, does Volume hold?

Thomas Was Alone, so he playfully turned up the VOLUME /WallaceNarration

Making a game is easy. Making a good game is not easy, let alone a good game by a one man production company. That is about as common as passing 24K gold kidney stones. Mike Bithell has already struck such rare gold with his first solo project, Thomas Was Alone. It’s fair ...

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The Swindle – Stealing Your Game Hours With Ease


There are over 175 rogue-like games on Steam alone, about the same number or more of stealth genre games. When I think of rogue-like games, I think of dungeon crawlers, endless labyrinths, and the stream of New Game menu selections thanks to permanently dying. When I think of stealth games, ...

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