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PREVIEW: Party Hard Tycoon

There was a time when pixel people could party all night long until they pass out drunk in a back alley; without the fear of being mutilated by a psychotic party-pooping killer. I’m going to go ahead and say Party Hard Tycoon will could be a prequel to the ostentatious …

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Life in Bunker – Review

Air sirens dismember the tranquility of a day at the park. A flash of bright light and everything is consumed. It’s a nuclear holocaust. Humanity and pigeons are almost entirely wiped out. Except you, and ten others who’ve made it to a Vault-Boy-less bunker deep underground. There you are elected the …

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Dodging Meteors To The Head In: Planetbase REVIEW

When you want to make a few hours vanish, turn on a good city building game. How exactly do these types games accomplish that so effortlessly? Is it that need to see your initial ideas pan out? And as those initial build ideas come to light you see so many possibilities to …

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