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Quantum Break – Free PC Code Release UPDATED

When? Soon.

UPDATE: The matter is official, Microsoft has stated the free PC codes for pre-order will BEGIN to arrive 7-10 days after April 5th, customers will receive the code in “waves”. You maybe buy the PC game from the Windows Store, the delay only applies for those customers who are receiving ...

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Good Robot – REVIEW

Good things come in small packages, this can be true with good robots as well.

Sometimes a developer can do more in 88 megabytes than others do with 8 gigabytes. Good Robot combines 2D twin-stick shooting with rogue-lite elements and delivers blocks of entertainment in every bit. Copious weapon and headgear options glamorize the typical twin shooter combat, but there is also enough parody throughout to make even jaded gamers crack a smile. Good ...

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Jacking Genres With Spacejacked – REVIEW

People getting jacked left and right, and you got to save them in SPACE

Spacejacked is an ingenious genre mash of tower defense strategies, arcade shoot ’em up fun, with a hint of rogue-lite. Meet Dave Paprovsky, mild mannered space technician by day, guy who sleeps in his bunk at night. Until one day, aliens attack your spaceship and jack your crew. It is up to ...

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The Best PC Games of 2015


Standing in the doorway of 2016 it’s easy to spot a number of potentially great new technologies, new and promising genre defining games, and other gaming advances that this year could bring. While we wait in anticipation, lulls like these are best filled with a look back at what made ...

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Digital Downloads Taking Over, A New Age of Gaming On The Horizon?


Gamers are playing more games than ever before. Holiday season game sales are in healthy full swing. Yet video game stores are going the way of the dodo in a hurry. The New York Times reported the growing disparity between retailers and game sales as a whole. None of this is shocking ...

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Is PC ever getting Gears of War Ultimate? Microsoft says early 2016


When Microsoft unveiled plans to remaster Gears of War dubbed the “Ultimate Edition”, it was intended for release on both consoles and PC. August 2015 saw the release of the Ultimate Edition, but only on consoles. PC Gamers have been left holding their… controllers in anticipation. After months of silence ...

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Electronics Arts Offering Jade Empire: Special Edition Free

Study up all your combat forms Jade Empire is LEGIT

While Bioware has many fan favorites in their collection of published games, Jade Empire stands apart from their other action RPG titles. Jade Empire is a critically acclaimed 2005 hit, both on consoles and PC. It’s wuxia inspired story is drawn on ancient Chinese mythology. It featured real time combat, and multiple characters ...

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Albert&Otto REVIEW

AlbertandOtto toughens up your tender backside (just in case you ever end up in prison or something)

Try to imagine this scenario: you are playing a round of chess with an old rival. You observe his carefully positioned pieces, a few masterful moves later you have him under the gun, check! In the same moment as you grin with satisfaction, someone squirts you in the eye with lemon juice. You reel ...

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Early Access: Sky Arena – Starfox Inspired Arena Combat

Four player split screen coop and online action? I'm in.

Console exclusives were dreamt up in a smoke filled room. Perhaps a rotund mafia don, puffing on a cigar thought up the notion of monopolizing game fans. There is no denying that this hardline sales tactic works for establishing a consumer base. How often are we PC gamers sitting around watching a title snub PC gamers ...

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