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JJ Wars Battlefront – Reviewed

The BEST Star Wars game this year, ok it's the only Star Wars game this year....

What was your first Star Wars moment? I began at an early age, it was the first movie I watched in a theater- that’s how far back it starts for me. From the late 70s on, Star Wars would have a significant impact on my life. After the first hundred viewings, they became more than just mere ...

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Has A Release Date

You had me at Deus

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was finally a return to form to the original Deus Ex, a game that set gamers into an excited frenzy over the action RPG hybrid back in mid-2000. I’m still spinning the Micheal McCann soundtrack in my playlists since beating Human Revolution a few years ago ...

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Through the STASIS Looking Glass – Review

You are going to want to play this one.

“Without a family, man, alone in the world, trembles with the cold.” The profound statement opens science fiction adventure horror game STASIS, developed by The Brotherhood. The somber cinematic opening and haunting introductory orchestrated music foreshadows what is to come. So, what is STASIS? Take the following influences: Sanitarium, Alien, Event Horizon, ...

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If Humphrey Bogart starred in a PC game, it would be Calvino Noir

Contender for sleeper hit, 2015

  Beads of sweat raced down like skiers off a lift, tripping up on the unkempt cactus field along my jaw. It was a hot summer day. People streamed in and out of this place letting in gusts of the Sahara in with them. Those that came in looked like miserable ...

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