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Jacking Genres With Spacejacked – REVIEW

Spacejacked is an ingenious genre mash of tower defense strategies, arcade shoot ’em up fun, with a hint of rogue-lite. Meet Dave Paprovsky, mild mannered space technician by day, guy who sleeps in his bunk at night. Until one day, aliens attack your spaceship and jack your crew. It is up to …

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Just Chillin…With A Perfect Universe : Review

Perfect Universe is a diverse, physics based platformer. No one walks into a restaurant expecting to see “Tomato Soup” as the only item on the menu.  Perfect Universe’s hook is variety, offering a bundle of choices built around a core mechanic. With nine different game types in all, there’s enough diversity to appease a hungry gamer’s …

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The Death of Movie Tie-In Games, the Rise of Celebrity Endorsed Gaming

Movies and games, everyone has an entertainment budget and both industries want the most of it. Decades ago there was no doubt who the king of the entertainment dollar. Movies set all major records for revenue and sales. Today, the battle-lines are blurred. Game companies rushed to recreate popular movies into …

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