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I'm going to take this card.. and beat you with it ... for reals.

FORCED Showdown is the result of a team of people who surely played a lot of CCGs and MOBAs and decided “We can do all of this in one compelling single player package”. Not quite the two genres I would pick to stand next to each in any way. In this ...

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Adam’s Venture: Origins – REVIEW

Lara has nothing to worry about.

The Adam’s Venture series is a third person action adventure game in the same vein as classic 90s era Tomb Raiders. AV:Origins is a reimagined prequel chapter to the original PS3 port. Priced as a mid-level title on both consoles and PC, this latest edition promised to deliver next-gen visuals, and ...

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Good Robot – REVIEW

Good things come in small packages, this can be true with good robots as well.

Sometimes a developer can do more in 88 megabytes than others do with 8 gigabytes. Good Robot combines 2D twin-stick shooting with rogue-lite elements and delivers blocks of entertainment in every bit. Copious weapon and headgear options glamorize the typical twin shooter combat, but there is also enough parody throughout to make even jaded gamers crack a smile. Good ...

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Pesadelo – Regressão – Or Why Brazilian Cemeteries Stain Your Pants – Review

First time I saw this bony guy I released my bowels, he threw up blood. BFFs 4 Lyfe!

Nightmare – Regression. That is what the game’s title means, and what first time developer Skyjaz Games was hoping to capture with their horror game Pesadelo – Regressão. First time horror releases from indie sources are commonly plagued with many crude, low-production game elements. Does this entry live up to its chilling namesake? Judging from early ...

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Lands You Crash On, are called CRASHLANDS: Review

Crashlands is a game about crashing into lands, then again where else would you crash into?

Somewhere between Don’t Starve and Starbound there’s room for a game to stake a claim. Fortunately today, that void is about to be filled by Crashlands. If I may segue for a moment into a little backstory; I was in high school (early to mid 90s if you must ask) I ...

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Don’t Trust A Psycho With Your Car Keys – Tales of the Borderlands REVIEWED

Hands down, this is Telltale's best.

Will the real Pandora please stand up? I’m confused, what I remember of Pandora was shooting monsters on a comic-art styled desert world. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends, but always hustling for more money, better weapons, and better skills. Handsome Jack? I remember him, barely. Hyperion? OK some of the ...

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Bertram Fiddle – Episode 2 – Kickstarter Support Needed Before Campaign Expires

This screenshot looks curious and strange! I say we investigate the game about an investigation!

By jove! What is this! A game that has no qualms about advertising itself as a comedic point and click adventure? Most bobbles in this genre are not afternoonified enough to convert me into a gigglemug. Don’t sell me a dog you say chap? But perhaps I will anyway, you see, ...

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