I'm not an heavy MMO fiend, but this one looks good

Crowfall MMO Justifies Their Slow Development Pace

Crowfall’s Kickstarter campaign ended in March of 2015. Successfully raising close to two million USD initially, now this project is up to $6,296,000+ in crowd funds, which is posted clearly on their website’s header. The developers have been transparent and open about many details, including financial ones, as this game has ...

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French Consumer group sees no bigger enemy in France than Valve

“Oui Oui Me Too” says French Union of Consumers

A French consumer group UFC-Que-Choisir has decided to take up arms against Valve and their Steam software distribution system. They are taking Valve to court in what could be an important digital consumer rights case. While this group has decided to take its crusade solely against Valve, could this have an ...

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snow open beta sign up

Beta Signups Now Open for SNOW

It’s that time of year when snow can really be a problem. Well, it’s not a problem if you are lucky enough to live in Florida, but I live in Denver, and snow is something I have to deal with from October through May. But there’s another SNOW coming, and this ...

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reddit pc gaming awards 2015 witcher 3 wins

Reddit Users Have Voted on The Best PC Games of 2015

The extremely popular /r/pcgaming sub reddit  started a community poll ten days ago for best overall game of 2015 and the best games in several fundamental gaming categories. Open votes on the internet often lead to heavy vote pushes and manipulation for various contenders, as was recently seen a few ...

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Free Black Shadows Steam Key

Black Shadows has received 54 reviews, most of them negative, in the year and a half it has been for sale on Steam. It’s labelled as a survival horror game. $2.99 for a retail copy, or you can take a chance on it today for the low price of free. ...

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steam holiday sale 2015

Steam Holiday Sale Starts December 22nd

The holy grail of PC gaming sales starts tomorrow on December 22nd, 10 am PST. Apparently PayPal slipped up and made date public on their Holiday Deals page, but the actual date sounds right considering previous Steam holiday sales. There isn’t currently an end date, but based on previous sales, ...

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Online shooters may at times feel stuck in a rut. Shoot the terrorists, jump behind cover, shoot some more, congratulations you have a new hat. Next game, same thing, takes place in a different country. If you are looking for something new, you may be searching for The Mean Greens: ...

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