When? Soon.

Quantum Break – Free PC Code Release UPDATED

UPDATE: The matter is official, Microsoft has stated the free PC codes for pre-order will BEGIN to arrive 7-10 days after April 5th, customers will receive the code in “waves”. You maybe buy the PC game from the Windows Store, the delay only applies for those customers who are receiving ...

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Good things come in small packages, this can be true with good robots as well.

Good Robot – REVIEW

Sometimes a developer can do more in 88 megabytes than others do with 8 gigabytes. Good Robot combines 2D twin-stick shooting with rogue-lite elements and delivers blocks of entertainment in every bit. Copious weapon and headgear options glamorize the typical twin shooter combat, but there is also enough parody throughout to make even jaded gamers crack a smile. Good ...

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People getting jacked left and right, and you got to save them in SPACE

Jacking Genres With Spacejacked – REVIEW

Spacejacked is an ingenious genre mash of tower defense strategies, arcade shoot ’em up fun, with a hint of rogue-lite. Meet Dave Paprovsky, mild mannered space technician by day, guy who sleeps in his bunk at night. Until one day, aliens attack your spaceship and jack your crew. It is up to ...

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Sometimes zombies just need to be on the ground?

Zombies on a Plane – REVIEW

Update 2: As of this morning, the developer took to deleting our discussion thread on STEAM. A strange move, considering most reviews have been negative on this game (16% favorable reviews at this time). Update: This review is based on a pre-release edition. Prior to today’s release, the game received ...

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Get your eyes off my lady, or face tiny guardian destruction!

Guarding Gurls With Tiny Guardians – Review

Tiny Guardians is a the latest tower defense on Steam. It touts a clever new take on active defensive layouts. This PC port brings with it all the gameplay mechanics that earned it favorable reviews on mobile platforms. How does it fare compared to other tower defense titles? The answer: Tiny Guardians handles itself ...

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First Wave of DX12 Updates Are Here

DirectX 12 Updates are Here : What I’ve Found So Far

This week Rise of the Tomb Raider released a DirectX 12 API update. It joins Hitman, Ashes of the Singularity, and Descent Underground as DX12 enabled games. With it’s release gamers’ reactions to performance has been varied. It has become a hot topic item for enthusiasts in discussion forums. Does ...

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16 player cart racing, and you can use "whatever" for a controller

Obliteracers – Review

Obliteracers zooms onto the PC gaming scene as a fun combat cart racer, allowing a whopping 16 local or online players. Racing takes a backseat to destroying your opponents. Combining arcade racing with such large scale party mechanics is a major selling point in this charming arcade title. Okay. Let ...

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Free makes anything good...

Dawn of War II : Retribution Gets Free DLC

From March 10 –  March 15 simply go to the DLC page for The Last Stand – Necron Overlord on STEAM, and receive this last 8th Champion for free for Dawn of War II: Retribution. This special offer comes from developers Relic Entertainment as they celebrated Retribution’s fifth anniversary since release. ...

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Culling all survivors the ultimate game show is about to begin!

The Culling – Early Access Preview

Fans of Japanese cult horror favorite Battle Royale (and I am one of those), might want to take note of The Culling, released this week on Steam’s Early Access Program. A multiplayer survival action game, played from a first person perspective, where players maim each other until only one survives. ...

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Great... no Black and White 3??

Lionhead Studios Closed – Fable Legends Canceled

In an upsetting turn for some, Microsoft Xbox division announced that two studios would be closing in the coming days, and their current projects canceled. Lionhead Studios and Press Play Studios are being shut down. What this means is that the highly anticipated game Fable Legends is being canceled. The free-to-play ...

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Oh.. this one's GOOD

Diving Through the Layers of Fear – REVIEW

What person can say they have never experienced fear? While at times it can cause us to behave in an irrational manner; panic and anxieties can induce us towards actions that enable self preservation. Fear is not a unilateral from person to person, it differs. Our reactions to threats, perceived or ...

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Heaven’s Hope – Review

Portrayals of super-natural figures from the Christian mythos tend to be uneven: there’s often a heavy bias towards the superstars, with Jesus and Lucifer getting the lion’s share of attention (sorry, Daniel). Heaven’s Hope takes a different approach, telling a story centered around angel-in-training Talorel. The introduction sequence leaves you ...

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My harpoons are polished... my space jet ski is waxed... Time to spank and yank!

Blacksea Odyssey Releases On Steam’s Early Access

It was a warm February in Florida. Our three days of harsh mid-50 degree winter days long gone. To my left, half my kids were busy making sand castles. To my right, the older kids who were “too cool” for sand castles were just prancing around dabbing and flinging handfuls of ...

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Life cooped up in a bunker could be boring, finally a game that simulates the experience.

Life in Bunker – Review

Air sirens dismember the tranquility of a day at the park. A flash of bright light and everything is consumed. It’s a nuclear holocaust. Humanity and pigeons are almost entirely wiped out. Except you, and ten others who’ve made it to a Vault-Boy-less bunker deep underground. There you are elected the ...

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