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DOTA 2: Reborn Launched

DOTA 2 players were greeted this week with an important DOTA2 update. As previously reported, this major update propels standard DOTA 2 into the Source 2 engine. For those playing and testing the Reborn Beta you will immediately notice the BETA option no longer works. So what does the first ...

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Hideo Kojima and Konami Post a Divorce Video

  Since 1987 Hideo Kojima and Konami have been thrilling fans with the Metal Gear video game series. That’s almost 30 years of a single blockbuster franchise created and directed by one person. Konami hasn’t always had the greatest love for PC gamers but Kojima-san has much love for all ...

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The first of many Source 2 Games

DOTA 2 Officially Going To Source 2 Soon

Valve released news that their DOTA 2 will be updated to Source 2. The Reborn Beta is nearing completion with a major update. According to Valve, “in the coming weeks” the Reborn update will be applied to all DOTA 2 clients via their Steam distribution system. This is exciting for ...

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You had me at Deus

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Has A Release Date

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was finally a return to form to the original Deus Ex, a game that set gamers into an excited frenzy over the action RPG hybrid back in mid-2000. I’m still spinning the Micheal McCann soundtrack in my playlists since beating Human Revolution a few years ago ...

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You are going to want to play this one.

Through the STASIS Looking Glass – Review

“Without a family, man, alone in the world, trembles with the cold.” The profound statement opens science fiction adventure horror game STASIS, developed by The Brotherhood. The somber cinematic opening and haunting introductory orchestrated music foreshadows what is to come. So, what is STASIS? Take the following influences: Sanitarium, Alien, Event Horizon, ...

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How to Kill a Party, with Party Hard

  Lava Lamps. Pet Rocks. Big Mouth Billy Bass. Bobbleheads. Novelty items, unusual and entertaining fads that blow over quickly. Party Hard releases today on Steam, and only time will tell if this game is a novelty item or not. It is unusual and entertaining in it’s own way. Party Hard began ...

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First Majors Championship series will begin this fall, 2015

DOTA 2 – Masters Championship – Details Coming into Focus

Valve has posted details as well as sign up registration for their upcoming Majors Championship series. There will be four Majors tournaments being hosted, leading up to one huge finale dubbed The International. There will be Open Qualifiers starting October 6-9 for any team that wishes to register, can so ...

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Thomas Was Alone, so he playfully turned up the VOLUME /WallaceNarration

How much entertainment volume, does Volume hold?

Making a game is easy. Making a good game is not easy, let alone a good game by a one man production company. That is about as common as passing 24K gold kidney stones. Mike Bithell has already struck such rare gold with his first solo project, Thomas Was Alone. It’s fair ...

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Curses N’ Chaos Defeating the Grim Reaper, One Frog at a Time

  Tribute Games took the indie gaming scene by storm with its 2014 release Mercenary Kings. It’s arcade Metal Slug inspired flavors and addicting platform action pushed Tribute onto my ‘must watch list. Curses N Chaos is a straight up a NES era inspired brawler. It’s handling of power items and co-op play manage ...

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What should have been a flagship title for Nvidia's 970 GTX, has Titanic'ed since release

Steam User Fixing What WB Seems Unable To with Batman Arkham Knight

  The final chapter in the successful Batman Arkham series, Arkham Knight should have rivaled its predecessors. Expectations were high for impressive graphics and improved open world gameplay. These expectations were met on consoles but not on PC. The fiasco that ensued after the game’s release on PC is well documented. Within days ...

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Planetary Annihilation: Titans Under The Radar Release

  Remember that game that came out last year after months of Early Access testing that could have been as cool as all the Supreme Commander games combined, but just wasn’t? Some of those that remembered were probably trying to forget it ever happened. Planetary Annihilation officially released last year by ...

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