Fractured Space Giving Gifts to its Supporters

Spreading the holiday pew pews
Spreading the holiday pew pews

Not everyone is out to sell you something this holiday season. Developer Edge Case Games recently sent out keys to Forerunner supports (base Early Access buyers) to give to your friends, for free. Who can say no to this? Further it increases your chances of having someone you can count on be your wingman, by a factor of one. This is one of the more spectacular space combat sims available on Steam, and now two people may think so for the price of one!

Fractured Space is still in Early Access, but is far beyond the Alpha stages it was in last year. This is a capital ship combat game (KHAN!!) that plays in some ways similiar to a MOBA. Pilot your lumbering ships into position and defend your stations, or warp into enemy territory and conquer key strategic points. Each ship is designed for a particular role in combat, be it offensive infiltration, heavy defense, or support roles. Use of tactics is encouraged, including powering down behind asteroids and lying in wait for enemy fleets; or hit and run guerilla style tactics on key enemy positions. Check your Steam associated email address for your extra key.

  • Zach Turnbull

    Pretty sweet deal!

    • Leo Espada

      I know!