Batman Arkham Knight Gets an Interim Interim Patch from Kaldaien

September 2,2015 the famed interim patch for Batman Arkham Knight releases, does it make the game playable? Yes. It actually does. It brings the game up to the levels Kaldaien introduced back in July. I actually found that the game performed better than before especially QHD resolution levels. However I …

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Steam User Fixing What WB Seems Unable To with Batman Arkham Knight

  The final chapter in the successful Batman Arkham series, Arkham Knight should have rivaled its predecessors. Expectations were high for impressive graphics and improved open world gameplay. These expectations were met on consoles but not on PC. The fiasco that ensued after the game’s release on PC is well documented. Within days …

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Co-oping in Dying Light = Wut Moments A Plenty

  Dying Light co-op is definitely the definitive way to crush zombies, especially when you team up with someone who has a knack for getting stuck in geometry. Destroying all friendlies, including co-op partner, self, and friends with a untimely placed grenade that happened to bounce back at just the …

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Take THAT, Dharg the Sneak!

Shadows of mordor's nemesis system is the shit

The Nemesis system in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is so excellent it continues to bring me satisfaction months after I last logged into the game. Leo and I were redeemed through the gore-soaked hands of my nephew Derek. Derek reclaimed our honor while wreaking bloody vengeance on our killers. The …

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