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The Note Review – Game So Bad It Makes Post-Its An Obscene Crime

  From The Note’s Steam page: “perfect background music,” “scary atmosphere,” and “realistic graphics.” Rarely does a developer or publisher refer to their own features as “perfect.” Pretty ballsy statements. I didn’t even read the story section until after this review. The screenshots of a dark gray mysterious town and military …

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Scott in Space – Worth Its Weight In Guineas

Let’s face it, there are just not enough guinea pig games out there. Gerbils and hamsters, they get all the pet store attention. Lemmings, they have stolen the PC Game limelight long enough. It’s time we had a new rodent hero for the common man, and this is where Scott …

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Review: Aberoth. Sometimes You Get What You Pay For

Aberoth is free. But that doesn;t mean it;s worth your time.

I don’t want to waste anyone’s precious time. Should you play Aberoth? Probably not. It’s free, but there are numerous alternatives for free PC games that have more to recommend them, including games that might fall into the “charming retro MMO” category…a category Aberoth only manages to fit into by technicality. The initial …

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