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Battle of the Cartoon-y Shooter MOBA-y Games


Introduction Four online team based shooters, each vying for player attention have been in the works over the last two years. Development houses Blizzard, Gearbox, Hi-Rez, and Motiga have been hoping to add their own defining stamp on the FPS/MOBA-lite genre. They are each distinct and different, although you might not ...

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DirectX 12 Updates are Here : What I’ve Found So Far

First Wave of DX12 Updates Are Here

This week Rise of the Tomb Raider released a DirectX 12 API update. It joins Hitman, Ashes of the Singularity, and Descent Underground as DX12 enabled games. With it’s release gamers’ reactions to performance has been varied. It has become a hot topic item for enthusiasts in discussion forums. Does ...

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The Best PC Games of 2015


Standing in the doorway of 2016 it’s easy to spot a number of potentially great new technologies, new and promising genre defining games, and other gaming advances that this year could bring. While we wait in anticipation, lulls like these are best filled with a look back at what made ...

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The Death of Movie Tie-In Games, the Rise of Celebrity Endorsed Gaming

These forces fight over YOUR entertainment dollar, one side is clearly winning

Movies and games, everyone has an entertainment budget and both industries want the most of it. Decades ago there was no doubt who the king of the entertainment dollar. Movies set all major records for revenue and sales. Today, the battle-lines are blurred. Game companies rushed to recreate popular movies into ...

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30 Years of Snake – The Phantom Pain Review

The intertwined complex saga of Solid Snake and Big Boss through the years

With 30 years of Metal Gear gaming under the belt, this month Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain released, together with the prequel chapter Ground Zeroes, Hideo Kojima ties up once again, more loose ends for Big Boss, this time in the 1980s on one of the largest stages ever set ...

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I played this game called Metal Gear… then thirty years happened…

30 years of !

Looking back I could probably break down video games into 6 or maybe 7 distinct eras of gaming. Where each era was defined by distinct takes and preferences on what I was interested in playing, on which platforms, and the social aspects that went along with each. In probably my ...

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A Side of Developer Life With Triangle Studios

A tough long road just getting two games published

  I am almost nearing 1,000 PC games in my combined game store libraries. That number doesn’t really include every video game I’ve ever played. That game count still pales in comparison to the number of games that are out there to play, all vying for gamer attention, all made ...

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Why We Are Adopting Windows 10, and Why Should You?

Windows 10 is here and will begin rolling out to consumers starting this Wednesday

Does it really matter which version of Windows you are using to send an email, work on a spreadsheet, or look at a web page? Let’s face it, since Windows 95 these features are essentially the same and Window’s incremental improvements for $100-$210 a pop really do not matter for common ...

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