Rocket League Adds Console Cross Play In Latest Patch

Rocket League, one of the more popular online multiplayer games on both Steam and Xbox One, received an important update. As of today, Rocket League is the first game that features true cross platform play between Xbox One gamers, and their PC gaming cousins. Developer Psyonix stated the following on their ...

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Battle of the Cartoon-y Shooter MOBA-y Games

Introduction Four online team based shooters, each vying for player attention have been in the works over the last two years. Development houses Blizzard, Gearbox, Hi-Rez, and Motiga have been hoping to add their own defining stamp on the FPS/MOBA-lite genre. They are each distinct and different, although you might not ...

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Just great! I had plans from October - December.. oh well ...

Civilization VI Announcement Trailer Arrives

I had major plans from October through December of this year. Vacations, get-togethers, and finishing my 10,000 page autobiography I Game Therefore I Am, all will just have to wait. Civilization VI has a release date of October 21, 2016, according to this new and majestic announcement trailer. Real life therefore will ...

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Blow up your friends in this easy to learn, easy to play action indie title.

Head to Head Multiplayer Galaxy Combat Wargames Needs Support

Whenever I hear the phrase “head to head” I’m whisked away to a simpler time. A time when snotty kid faces were crammed into a rectangular box; feverishly smacking buttons like jackrabbits on meth. Beep, boop, peowshh sounds the only real indicator as to who was winning. In other words, everything seen ...

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Wonder how long it takes him to use the bathroom between battles?

New Warhammer 40K Inquisitor – Martyr Details Emerge

A new trailer has been released by developer Neocore Games for their upcoming action RPG, Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor — Martyr. You take the role of an Inquisitor, an agent within the Imperium tasked with eliminating heretics within the Empire. There will be three agent classes to choose from, as well as two single player ...

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Unless you're made of stone, this story should melt your heart.

N.E.R.O. (Nothing Ever Remains Obscure) – REVIEW

For some, butterflies are symbolic of change and resurrection. Jellyfish in dreams may represent healing of painful memories, and discovering the light within yourself. N.E.R.O. is a more emotional journey than a standard video game experience. Instead of road signs and highway markers, figurative symbols and deeper meanings guide you along ...

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Dawn of War III – Official Announcement Trailer

Another chapter of Dawn of War is on the horizon. This newest strategy title from Relic Entertainment, looks to push the boundaries of the franchise. Dawn of War III will have an extensive three chapter single player campaign (one for each faction: Space Marines, Orks, and the Eldar). Clashes are ...

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I'm going to take this card.. and beat you with it ... for reals.


FORCED Showdown is the result of a team of people who surely played a lot of CCGs and MOBAs and decided “We can do all of this in one compelling single player package”. Not quite the two genres I would pick to stand next to each in any way. In this ...

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Banished meets Minecraft, so you know this is going to be interesting!

Early Access Look: The Kindred

Block based worlds where you craft tools, shepherd block-y animals, and mine multi-colored rocks is not new. Managing a group of survivors exiled from their homeland, forced to survive off the resources of the land, they must rebuild their town and survive the harsh elements; that’s not new either. The Kindred is ...

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Lara has nothing to worry about.

Adam’s Venture: Origins – REVIEW

The Adam’s Venture series is a third person action adventure game in the same vein as classic 90s era Tomb Raiders. AV:Origins is a reimagined prequel chapter to the original PS3 port. Priced as a mid-level title on both consoles and PC, this latest edition promised to deliver next-gen visuals, and ...

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Hearthstone 2016-04-26 23-36-22-77

Earn Free Hearthstone Whispers of the Old Gods Card Packs

Today the long awaited Whispers of the Old Gods card packs have released for Hearthstone. These new packs also represent a divide in play-styles Blizzard refers to as “Wild” and “Standard”. Standard will now encompass the basic edition cards and any edition cards from the last two years only. While ...

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Shaping a Horror Game with Community Feedback

Vernon’s Legacy: An Early Access Look

Vernon’s Legacy is a first person horror-tinged adventure that takes place around the time of the Great War. Before you say Dear Esther or Gone Home let’s just clarify something: this is not a walking simulator. It’s worth mentioning because when you begin chapter one of this title, feelings of déjà vu may ...

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Online stab-y with a deep political system

Warhold MMO – Official Announcement & Closed Alpha

Warhold is a new fantasy based MMO entering closed alpha testing. There are plenty of gamers that are looking for a lower time investment MMO, and Warhold looks to fit this niche. It will be a session based MMO game, meaning you queue up for one action session at a time with ...

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the 64 indiegogo

Commodore 64 Reboot Kicks Off

I wasn’t lucky enough to own a Commodore 64 when they debuted in 82. I was fortunate enough to have access to one in the early 80s…and if you are too young to have experienced those halcyon days, don’t despair! You don’t have to boot up an emulator  or dig through ...

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Wanted to command fleets of ships filled with spires and flying buttresses? Yearn no longer!

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada – A First Look

It is a time of endless war. The worlds of Man are scattered across the galaxy, threatened by savage aliens, heretics who defy the Emperor’s will. YOU are being called upon to subjugate them all … Admiral. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is an upcoming real-time strategy title, which pits fleets of advanced galactic ...

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